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  2. Hi Nadia,

    I removed my previous comment because my grammar was horrible! I'm contacting you to let you know that I wrote a book with a chapter focussed specifically on South African expats. I was wondering if I could offer you a free copy in exchange for you writing a really short review on your blog. My name is Andrew Hallam. My first book was a bestseller called Millionaire Teacher.

    Here’s my story. I’ve been an expat since 2003, teaching at Singapore American School. Because I’m also a personal finance writer (published in The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business magazine, Personal Money, Reader’s Digest) plenty of expats have asked me how much money I think they should save for retirement.

    So I wrote a book called The Global Expatriates Guide To Investing. The book profiles real expats: how much they have, how much they save, the smart things they’ve done with money, the dumb things etc. It also shows how much expats should try to save each year or month (there’s a formula, depending on your lifestyle expectations). I also describe what financial investment firms people should avoid with a ten-foot pole (many are awful!) and I describe a bunch of firms people should feel good about using.

    Because I want to teach expats these important concepts, I was wondering if you would accept a free book in exchange for a short (300-500 word) review on your blog.

    If interested, please send me your full name and mailing address, and I’ll send you a free copy.

    Thanks Nadia!


    1. Hi there Andrew, thanks for getting in touch with me. I am keen to read and review your book. Please can you send me your email address so I can send through my postal details here in Korea. Please note that I can't guarantee a positive review as I try to be as honest as I can with my readers. Otherwise, I am looking forward to reading your book! Nadia