Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Wine Clubs and Markets in Busan

I’ll admit, I’ve been off the screen for a second, but I’m back! What better way to kick Qwerty back into action than by talking about Busan’s Wine Club which has given new meaning to my “wine o’clock” and Busan’s first Foreigner’s Market.

“LET us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.” Plautus

The Korea Wine Club has finally arrived in Busan. The first event was held last year in Table Talk English Cafe in Kyungsung (KSU). A few friends and I made ourselves pretty and excitedly made our way to the first event. Like the rookie I am, I failed to read the details of the poster on the Wine Club’s page beforehand and I didn't RSVP. My punishment? Pay more at the door than those who were wiser. Rookie move indeed. After payment, we received a name tag and an 'ice-breaker sort of page'  to spark conversation with fellow wine-lovers. 

Throughout the evening, wine-carrying servers kept topping-up our glasses and our habits. If asked, they grinned cheerily and gave a short description of the wine they were serving. I met new faces, tasted new wines and vowed to attend the next wine event. I remember leaving the event with merriment in my heart and red-stained lips. 

The second wine club event was held over New Years Eve and food was included this time round. It was held at Namaste Restaurant in Haeundae. After learning my lesson, I sent in an RSVP ahead of time and arrived to a larger group of club members, the smell of unlimited curry and rice and of course wine! With a glass in one hand, friends on both sides and a tummy full, we brought in 2015 with some style.

If you’re looking to meet new people, break in your new heels/throw on a bow-tie and of course hold a glass of red lovingly, check out the Korea Wine Club here. They host wine events around Korea and were the hosts of Busan's two. I’ve heard there may be another event coming up for the Busan crowd in February, so remain vigilant!
You guessed it, all homemade. 

While typing this, I’m nibbling slowly on a slice of homemade brown bread, homemade hummus, lettuce, cheese and ham (the last three were made in the shop ^^). I got these homemade goodies from Busan’s first Foreigners Market which was held over the weekend. What a treat! 

The small market was held in HQ bar in Gwangan and began at 1pm. It got quite tight in the venue as people tried-on, smelled and tasted the items on display. I bought a samoosa and spicy chicken, four body scrubs, two massive slices of the brown bread, red pepper garlic hummus and a salsa. Best part? All homemade! My favourite by far was the hummus, bread and the body scrubs. 

Keen? Check out the Facebook page here for the next market coming up in Feb or find it on Facebook by typing: "Busan's Second Foreigner Market". 

Homemade body scrubs ^^

Did you go to any of these events? What did you think? And with that: stay warm, stay merry ^^.