Friday, March 28, 2014

Some smooth jams from my week

I have been planning lessons this past week like a crazy person and to get me into the mood/zone, I have had my headphones on with Youtube videos playing and keeping me focused. I have taken a liking to covers recently and I'll try share some good ones when I can. I have also been enjoying the golden oldies and some newer songs this week. Enjoy!

I love how these guys cover Britney's music throughout her career. My first ever CD was Britney's "Hit me baby one more time"!
The Mad Violinist's skills with the violin and his passion come through beautifully in this piece. I really prefer this cover over the actual Drunk in Love song. Yeah I said it! 
Initially I wasn't sold on this number by Ms B, but now...NOW... Yes Beyoncé!
This guy keeps me swooning man... shoo those vocals and his skills would make any lady need to sit down for a few seconds. Dreamy man... speaking of his skills, let's just add his amazing "All of Me" to this list too:
Now this South African (below) needs some recognition on the global scene. His music and video make me miss home and really appreciate local talent. Let me know what you think about this dude?
I first heard Jeff Bernat (below) in this lovely little bar here in Busan, Korea which my mates and I call the Mustache Bar. The barman is excellent! He usually changes the music when we walk in and we usually end up singing to the music and giggling like school girls!
And Boyz II men... I used to sing to this music at the top of my voice back in the day when I still had my red walkman strapped to my waist with THOSE headphones around my head. I thought I was too cool and singing their music made me believe it.

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